29 Best Landing Page Examples

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What is a landing page ?

The landing page – also known as a lead page or squeeze page – is the digital version of your single minded sales person. In digital marketing terms: landing pages are a webpage created to convert website traffic into tangible business leads. 

Why do you need a landing page for your business ?

A well designed lead page will convert website visitors into enthusiastic email subscribers who engage with and are more likely to buy from your business. In fact, the more landing pages your website uses, the more leads your business is likely to generate. Comparative analytics have shown that using 30 or more landing pages can generate 7 times more leads for b2b websites.

Your list of email subscribers are more likely to purchase the products and services that you send to their inbox. Good email marketing can have a whopping ROI of 4,400% and effective landing pages do a great job at drumming up business through your website.

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How to Create a Landing Page ? 

  • Landing page builder and templates 

Building a D.I.Y landing page is now easier than ever. There are lots of landing page builder and template sites that let you do it yourself and some web designers may even use these platforms also. 
There is no shortage of lead page software on the market. The monthly charges for these platforms range in price from affordable through to expensive. CrazyEgg compiled a very useful ranking of lead page templates and builders that may help you pick the best option for your business.

Good squeeze page builders:

  • Leadpages
  • Wishpond
  • Unbounce 

Landing page builder and lead page template sites provide the software that allows for the page to be created. However, the creative customisation of the template is ultimately up to the business or ideally, their web designer. This creative customisation is what turns a static web page to a lead generating machine.

Newbalance teamed up with Matchnode marketing Agency and used Unbounce landing pages to drive 200% more sales for their Chicago store. New Balance offered a discount in exchange for email addresses, thereby generating more leads and converting more in-store sales.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency New Balance Case Study


Other ways to create a Landing page 

  • Coding

This option allows you to have a squeeze page built from scratch. It usually costs a fair bit more than using a template and – depending on the designer – may take weeks if not months to complete. Backlinko is a great example of this type of high-converting page. It is a text-book perfect conversion machine and has generated over 140,000 subscribers for the website.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Backlink Case Study
  • WordPress landing page plug ins 

WordPress plug-ins for landing pages are similar to builder templates. In addition to the standard high-quality templates there may be a coding option which allow for added customisation. 

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Must Have Elements of High- Converting Landing Pages


  • Use a Keyword Optimized Title 

The title of your landing page is one of the most important elements of creating a high-converting landing page .


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Sketch Case Study

The page title appears at the top of webpage browser or tabs. It lets search engines know about the content of your page and increases your chances of placing higher in search engine results. Backlinko’s Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide is a great place to start when it comes to writing a keyword optimized title.


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  • Use Clear and Persuasive Headlines

It is essential to kick off your lead page with a clear and compelling headline (H1 heading tag). The data shows that over 90% of website visitors who read your headline will also read your call to action button.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Landing Pages Case Study

Honey Bar Media used a clear, attention grabbing headline “Free download! Marketing Plan” to achieve a 64% conversion rate on the landing page above. Her digital product offerings for real estate agents are so successful because she keeps what the client wants front of mind – more leads and less door knocking.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Food Fitness Case Study

Food for Fitness also achieved over 60% conversion using a clear and compelling headline, in addition to the other essential elements of high- converting leadpages. “ 10 Hidden High Protein Recipes”: grabs the traffic by letting them know hey, you won’t find this anywhere else on the web.


  • Keep it Simple

The use of natural and plain language in website content is rewarded by Google search. The point is that visitors should be able to know if they have come to the right place by quickly scanning your web page. 

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Hootsuite Case Study

Useful and relevant information should be easily found on your lead page. The Hootesuite landing page above uses “Schedule Social Media Posts” : to describe exactly what the client will get by opting in to their landing page offer.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Rihanna Book Case Study

Using a combination of social media marketing and lead generating pre-order offers, Business woman and popular music star Rihanna quickly sold the initial release of her visual autobiography. Her pre-order landing page uses natural and plain language in both the headline and the call to action. The website visitors can easily understand what is on offer and how to take up the offer. 

  • Feature Supporting Pictures and Images

Have an attention grabbing hero image at the top of your lead page page. A good hero image adds an additional dimension of context and can convey messages – especially emotive ones – that thousands of words may struggle to deliver.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Blue Apron Case Study

The Blue Apron landing page makes great use of a hero image to showcase the quality of their recipes. Great photos – especially of food – are more likely to be shared and liked on social media, and visitors are more likely to sign up for offers that do well on social.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Later Case Study


The Later landing page demonstrates how to use strong contextual images in the hero shot. Their hero image provides clear insight into how the site can benefit the user : “pictures tell a thousand words” .


  • Video Media Makes Landing Pages More Human

Including a video can increase landing page conversion by 80% and most customers would prefer to watch a video about your product rather than read a product pitch. Video also increases the average visitor time spent on a page from 43 seconds to over 5 minutes


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Storyboard Case Study

Storybrand augments their product message with a video that emphasises social proof and clearly explains both features and benefits. 

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Story Board Case Study

Their sister site Business Made Simple also uses video media to tell their brand story. Using video in this manner leverages upon data that shows 59% of businesses executives prefer to watch the video, even if there is a written description on the same page.

  • Above the Fold Call to Action (CTA)

Above the fold refers to what is visible on the screen – of any size – before the visitor starts scrolling the webpage or decides to leave the page altogether. Eyetracking data tells us that – on average – website visitors spend over 57% of their time above the fold. Research also tells us that the average human attention span has dropped to 8 seconds. Get to the point with your landing page CTA and let your visitors know what action you want them to take right away.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Uber Case Study

Uber obviously does digital marketing really well and their landing pages are a great example of this. An above the fold CTA aligned to the lead page headline invites the visitor to sign up pronto.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Zip Case Study


Zip Pay skilfully executes above the fold CTA. Plain, accessible language and a clear CTA directive make it irresistible for business customers to get started . Over 19,000 businesses have partnered with Zip.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Confetti Case Study

Project management software by Confetti is another landing page example that makes the most of the 8 second attention span. In this example there are 2 CTA’s above the fold making a compelling offer for the web traffic to try their software for free.

  • Long Landing Pages

Since a high- converting lead page is the digital version of your single minded sales person, it makes a lot of sense to lay out all the information that you would expect the client to ask as if it were a face-to-face sale. Long landing pages can achieve 220% more leads by answering the pressing questions upfront and guiding the website traffic through the opt in process.

How long should your landing page be? Well that will depend upon what you are asking of the website visitor. Email addresses are a small ask while phone numbers or payment – depending on the price of your offering – are perceived to be a bigger ask . The rule of thumb is that the more you are asking of the customer, the longer the landing page should be. Create a landing page that is long enough to tell the whole story.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Qwirl Case Study


Qwirl uses the long lead page optimization strategy in the example above. Their products are not expensive however, they are looking to convert visitors to a monthly membership fee that is billed annually . A one year commitment from a client will require more upfront leg work and trust building.


  • Use More than One Opt In Form

It has been recommended- by leading digital marketing experts – to use more than one opt-in form on a landing page. A form above the fold and below the fold gives web traffic multiple opportunities to take up your offer. Consider using even more forms if you are creating a longer landing page. 4 opt-in forms or a different variation of the form per screen view as the visitor scrolls down the page is ideal.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Backlinko Case Study
  • Optimized forms

Optimize landing page forms using the right number of fields, making forms responsive ready or in some instances, built for mobile first. Eliminate any unnecessary fields to avoid form fatigue and to increase conversion by at least 50% . Short forms are best for quick conversions like URL or email sign ups. Two field forms are usually best for these types of conversions: requiring a business or user name along with an email address. Alternatively an email and a password let’s the visitor create an account as per the Pine.io form below.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Pine Case Study


If you need more information from your customer, break up long forms into multi-step forms. Ask for the information in bite size pieces as the customer moves through the different screens. Multi-step forms have often performed better than single-step long forms by minimising visitor burnout thereby reducing landing page friction.

Bills.com does multi-step forms really well. They break down daunting financial questions into bite-sized fields and gently guide website visitors through the conversion process in 4 easy steps.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Bills Case Study

Hubspot offers a variety of quality digital marketing and sales software ranging from around $AUD 75 per month for basics and $AUD 8,070 per month for the enterprise plan. They lean towards longer forms when making offers to clients who are further along in their marketing funnel.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency Hubspot Case Study
  • Testimonials and Social Proof Build Credibility 

Social proof like reviews, testimonials and featured notable partners help people visiting your landing page to convert on your offer. Visitors look for proof that you can and will deliver on your offer: positive testimonials and reviews help to satisfy this. Customers spend 31% more with businesses who have excellent reviews.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency ChowNow Case Study

ChowNow features client testimonials prominently on their landing page. They share compelling reviews from owners whose business has seen positive benefits by using ChowNow.


  • Remove all Navigation and Reduce Exit Points

Keep all of the attention on your CTA and remove menu, internal and external links. Removing all navigation links away from the page – with the exception of the CTA – removes distractions from the main objective of the landing page: converting leads.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Smart Bug Case Study

In the landing page above, visitor attention is drawn solely to the content and the free download conversion button is emphasised. However do include social sharing buttons – that open in a new page rather than navigating away – that will encourage website users to share with their network.

  • Use an Exit Pop Up 

A thinking of leaving pop up catches a customer just as they are looking to exit the page. Experts recommend that the exit pop-up offers something slightly different than what the landing page offers.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Exit Pop Case Study

Backlinko offers a free SEO guide on one of their exit pop-ups, however the landing page offers an email newsletter. The average conversion rates for pop-ups is just over 3% : this creates an opportunity to capture 30 conversions for every 1000 visitors using pop-ups.

  • Make it mobile responsive

Over 50% of all web traffic now originates from mobile devices; smart business owners and marketers create responsive landing pages that are optimised for mobile devices also.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency Neil Patel Case Study

Neil Patel landing pages tick the must have elements of excellent lead generation, while functioning beautifully on mobile devices.


More Landing Page Examples and their Lead Conversion Strategies

  • Airbnb
reiid Digital Marketing Agency Airbnb Case Study

Airbnb offers a very in demand marketplace for holiday rentals. This landing page makes a captivating offer to property owners with a calculator and hero image: illustrating how they could earn big money hosting travellers.


  • Moz
reiid Digital Marketing Agency Moz Case Study


Moz holds the enviable reputation of launching a landing page that converts at over a million dollars. The above Moz landing page artfully utilises the hero image and the CTA button above the fold. The contrasting colour of the CTA leaves no room for confusion and makes the purpose of this page crystal clear.


  • Opendoor 
reiid Digital Marketing Agency opendoor Case Study

Opendoor’s landing page nails the minimalist design aesthetic and drives conversion using social proof and a prominent CTA.

  • Cleo
reiid Digital Marketing Agency Cleo Case Study

Cleo also does minimalist landing page design really well– with a pop of colour. The hero image also depicts a screen display of their AI money app with a CTA and click to play explainer video.


  • Shopify 


reiid Digital Marketing Agency shopify Case Study

Shopify keeps their headline simple and optimised. In addition to this, the trust factor is highlighted: over 400,000 people are using their platform.


  • Fiverr
reiid Digital Marketing Agency Fiverr Case Study

The hero image used by Fiverr in their landing page is striking and the content is paired down to highlight the quality of work that is on offer via their freelancers.


In Conclusion

A great landing page is the art of making something which is quite technical by nature appear to be effortlessly persuasive. Also known as lead or squeeze pages, this digital marketing tool leverages human buying behaviour and psychology to meet the needs of the searching consumer with a compelling solution.

The data demonstrates there are great benefits to be reaped from deploying multiple well-crafted landing pages. If your business is investing in search engine marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising you need a great lead page to convert the visitor to a customer. Even one great long-form landing page can see you extract more value out of your marketing dollars in the form of email signup, phone calls and even click to buy.


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