5 Signs your Website Needs a Redesign in 2020 (including case studies)

reiid Digital Marketing Website Redesign Case Study

Website redesign is one of the most important investments that a business will make. It is also one of the most compelling marketing tools.

Your website is often the first impression that a potential client has of your business. 70-80% of clients will conduct online research of a small business before visiting or purchasing from them. 38% of users will leave or stop using an unappealing website and 88% of clients are unlikely to return to your website after a bad experience.

If you have already built your own webpage but it’s just not working the way you want it to, here are the 5 signs that you need a website revamp.

  1. Your Website Lead Generation is Low

Lead generation is a key goal of a valuable website. If your google analytics indicate that you are getting web traffic but no one is signing up, joining or contacting you – this is a sign that your website would benefit from a redesign. There are a number of reasons why your website is struggling to convert traffic into leads:

  • Does your webpage have a persuasive squeeze leads page?

A persuasive landing page is a must for converting your web traffic into tangible business leads. High performing websites can often utilise over 40 landing pages to drive 12 times more leads . If you don’t have the marketing budget to build 40 plus landing pages – and most people don’t – seriously consider having at least one really good landing page built. Make this page nice and long as it can squeeze 220% more leads .


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  • Does your website have a solid call to action (CTA) ?

70% of small business websites don’t have a CTA . However when a CTA is included in your landing page text, website conversion rates can increase by 120% . A website redesign is well worth it if it includes a professionally built landing page with a strong call to action.

  • Is your CTA hard to find and easy to resist?

CTA buttons with clear marketing copy and prominent placement on business websites are often the difference between thriving or struggling. The Vineyard-luxury hotel in London – experienced a 32.12% increase in conversions, simply by redesigning their CTA from a small link to a prominently placed book online button.

Before: the book online option was hard to find.
After: the book online CTA button is hard to miss.

  1. Your Website was not Built with a Mobile or Responsive First Approach

Google announced in 2018 that mobile first web design is the future and the future is now. Their search engine ranking systems will use the mobile version of your website to better meet the needs of the majority mobile users. Given that over 52% of worldwide web traffic comes from a mobile phone, smart business owners have included the average cost of website design into their 2020 marketing budget.


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  1. Your Website Looks Outdated 

Does your website look dated in comparison to your competitors or others in your industry? Is the standard website design outdated in your industry compared to other industries? These are all signs that your site needs a redesign and SEO optimization.

In the case of the site revamp for the Wellness Institute circa 2016 : the hypnotherapy training provider enjoyed a 50% increase in leads by building a high- quality website. This was accomplished at a time when their competitors web pages were teeming with cluttered and oddball site standards. Google research shows that visitors find a website to be more beautiful if the design is kept simple, complexity is cut out and a minimalist approach is adopted.

Fast forward to 2020 and modern website design standards are more minimalist than ever. Productivity software providers like Monday and Slack illustrate this new trajectory in website design.


Via: www.monday.com

Monday shows us that in B2B web design, busy is not always better.

Via: www.slack.com

Slack reinforces the less is more aesthetic and uses the long- form page to avoid sacrificing informative content.

Via: www.slack.com
  1. Your Website is Hard to Use

Redesigning your business website is about more than just pretty pictures and beautiful graphics, although the right high-quality, optimized photos and graphics can boost your conversion metrics. 76% of people surveyed by Hubspot say that it is more important that a website is easy to use. Ease of use includes website speed, accessibility, and learnability.

  • Website speed

Optimizing the speed of your website is a very important reason to plan a website redesign and revamp.  Almost 50 % of people expect a maximum website loading time of 2 seconds and,  39% of website visitors said they would leave a website if images are too slow to load.

Managed Website products include site speed and data security optimisation

  • Accessibility 

Website accessibility includes server uptime and broken links . Is your website available every time a user tries to access it? Is your web hosting unreliable? Are there broken links that need to be fixed?

  • Learnability

A website is easy to use if new users can figure out how to navigate it. In the event that a task is a bit more difficult to perform, instructional material and support should be easy to access and apply.

  1. Your website is not secure

Cyber security is a key consideration that informs the online buying behaviour of most website visitors. A secure website combined with data storage security practices matter to a majority of customers: 71% would stop doing business with a company after a data breach.

Other equally compelling cyber security data includes:

  • 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses 
  • 58% of malware attacks are targeted at small business 
  • 68% of small businesses use unsafe data storage practices 


Google Chrome will actually mark a website as not secure if it is missing a current SSL certificate or encryption and unsecure sites will suffer a drop in Google rankings . This decision is supported by the fact that 19% of shoppers abandon checkout, if they are concerned about entering their payment information into an unsecure website.

Via: Google Support

In Conclusion 

An immediate website redesign – whether in full or in part – is necessary if your site is not generating enough leads from the web traffic it receives. Using competitive analysis helps you to understand what your competition is doing right, what you can do better and the website redesign techniques that will get you a maximum ROI. Outdated websites that do not work well on mobile or are hard to use should also be revamped. Given that average website design costs for small business are more affordable than ever, website red flags should also be promptly corrected . Remember that website redesign is not just about creating pretty images. Visual aesthetics must be carefully balanced with creating a site that is a conversion machine.


Does your website meet some of the requirements for a redesign? Pop in your website information below and we will send you a free redesign quote.