A Remote Work Hub uses Content Marketing for Trustworthy Pandemic Messaging


Reiid digital marketing agency content marketing for conversion and signup

Remote work hub Albert Society requisitioned our content creation and marketing services.

The brand is very aware that strategic content marketing will drive leads and increase sales on their  website  in fact it can lead to 6 x higher conversion rates when compared to those who don’t use it.

Moreover, there is an understanding that start-up and established businesses can enjoy massive benefits from a content marketing strategy that is high-quality and, is consistently distributed  across a variety of  Channels. 




Albert Society requires a new content marketing strategy intended to support the necessary transition to remote work during the pandemic and beyond.

A long-form pillar post was commissioned to offer realistic but encouraging thought leadership; now that job seekers need to prepare for the future of work as remote, offsite, contactless or work from home.

reiid Digital Marketing Agency visual content for Albert Society

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Some job seekers are now faced with an urgent need to find remote work when they became unemployed because of the Coronavirus.

In a matter of months – or what seemed like overnight to most who didn’t see it coming – the world faced a global pandemic and unemployment on an enormous scale. The bread winners in many families were unable to earn a living when their countries imposed  necessary measures such as social distancing and lockdowns.

We were tasked with delivering useful and informative content that is supported by data while being sensitive to the unprecedented health, financial and emotional hardship unleashed by the Covid-19.


The 8 Step Strategy for Researching, Creating and Optimizing Content


1. Idea Conceptualisation

The client gave us a brief of what they need to achieve through this content including key points that need to be addressed.

It was established that the desired outcome after the reader engages with the article is an email sign up to either the newsletter or the free job seeker account.

Using the brief topic- brainstorming and mind mapping is the next step to elaborate on the subject matter even further; building out the framework for the 3000 word article.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency content creation concept wheel


2. Keyword Research and Analysis


At this stage of the process we start search engine optimization (SEO) research to multiply the potential organic search results that can be achieved by this article. The elements of this research and analysis include:

– Target keyword volume count research

– Long tail target word analysis to capitalise on the low competition to rank for these words ( eg . remote work from home vs remote work)

– Semantically related keywords research – finds other relevant words – related to the target keywords

– Stemming target words – generating new words from the same root word* – a person searching for body transformation may be looking to signup for a diet program or personal trainer

– Search engine results pages (SERPs) analysis puts the competing content into perspective by analysing the content that makes it to the first page of Google and Bing.


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reiid Digital Marketing Agency SEO keyword research

reiid Digital Marketing Agency SEO analytics

Via: www.semrush.com


3. Call to Action (CTA) Blueprint Design

Email sign up – to either the newsletter or free account – is the desired outcome of this longform article. Therefore the CTA blueprint design embeds prompts for the user to opt-in at various points in the article.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency call to action CTA strategy


–  70% of small business websites don’t have a CTA . However, when a CTA is included in your landing page text, website conversion rates can increase by 120% .

– Eye tracking data tells us that – on average website visitors spend over 57% of their time above the fold.

– The data shows that over 90% of website visitors who read your headline will also read your call to action button


4. Content Creation

At this point along the roadmap a
first draft article is created with reference to authoritative sources including similar content that are topping the SERP’s, supporting statistics, relevant case studies and the work of well respected experts.


reiid Digital Marketing Agency content creator


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The first draft was then re-written to improve usefulness and on page optimization; this is where the keyword research is heavily optimized to strike the fine balance between organic ranking goals and the genuine desire to provide valuable information.


5. Content Visualization

reiid Digital Marketing Agency content media


Since the intention here is to be a useful resource to job seekers who may be overwhelmed by the world of remote work,  two easy to read and replicate templates were created to help the reader visualise what the content is trying to tell them.

The minimalist cover letter and resume template was an important part of setting an instructional- rather than a preachy – tone to the article.


6. Final Drafts and Formatting


reiid Digital Marketing Agency graphic design for Albert Society


The newly created content visuals are formatted into the draft and a second round of edits are undertaken to ensure the flow and backlinking to authoritative sources is optimized.

Internal links to other important and useful parts of Albert Society’s website are beefed up to execute the CTA blueprint.


7. Digital Marketing Expert Quality Control (EQC)


reiid Digital Marketing Agency editor approval

All of our content must be reviewed by the senior digital marketing expert prior to being submitted for customer approval.

The EQC has a primary goal; to augment the quality of the article and produce a final copy that is primed for conversion content marketing.

In other words the EQA implements all those edits that will bring an uplift to organic search results, climbing up the SERPS and sign ups that the client is after.


8. Submission for Client Approval


The final draft was submitted to the client for approval and they are very happy with the work. A few content tweaks were made at the clients request and since our client had a clear content strategy from the outset, no other changes were required.




reiid Digital Marketing Agency content article for Albert Society


An extensive and fully optimized pillar post was created and marketed as per the brief. This first big but necessary step has set the tone for the execution of the content calendar in the coming months. A second ‘how to’ post has already been created and uploaded to the site. This post is also intended to be an informative piece, detailing the easy process of creating a free job seeker profile.

We are excited to continue developing and growing the site using  content creation and marketing that grows both free and paid users.