How Much Does a Website Cost ?

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The web design process is usually tacked on to an already long list of things that a business owner needs to get done. It takes out the 8th spot on the list of 10 things that you must do just to get your business started. You will often find that your budget and time available is considerably diminished when you finally get around to this business critical step.

Your website is your most dedicated marketing and salesperson. A good website is working every minute of everyday to convert visitors to leads and to facilitate sales as well as customer service. It’s no wonder that, the question what is the cost of professional web design, is so frequently asked.  It’s even less surprising that you just want a straight answer to this question, but you keep hearing it depends. 

This evasive non-answer is followed with analogies likening your question to asking how much does a car cost? Or how much does a house cost? Except you know that you can always check your local dealers or real estate listings for a price range on a car or house that takes your fancy. Why can’t a web design company do the same?


Just Tell Me How Much my Website Design Will Cost?


Many web design companies do list the pricing of their services and many don’t. It really comes down to how they prefer to do business. It doesn’t mean that one agency has a better product than the other ( although some will insist that this is the reason).

You will find that the web design agencies who list fixed priced packages rely on extensive experience to calculate how many hours a job will take to complete. You should expect to pay about $70 to $250 per hour for a professional web design and fixed priced packages can help small businesses control costs. These agencies also prove value through key analytics that help you to attract visitors and convert leads to costumers. The scope and complexity of your website will significantly impact upon the price you can expect to pay for web design.

professionally designed homepage will cost $1900.00 on average. You’re probably thinking that’s a steep price to pay for just one page of your website. However, this price should incorporate multiple professional services that do more more than just create a web presence: they build a sales machine from the ground up. These web design and digital marketing elements include;

  • Colour psychology 
  • Graphic design
  • Photo editing 
  • SEO
  • Call to Action psychology (CTA) 
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Analytics reporting 


professionally designed full website will cost approximately $4,000. A good web designer and digital marketing expert will create a homepage plus another 3 – 6 static pages for your business. You will also receive all of the benefits listed above for the homepage as well as the following;

  • Copywriting  
  • Content creation on additional pages
  • At least 1 anchor article promoting new website launch (1,600 word guide)
  • Copywriting on home page 
  • 1 week google social promo 
  • Google search console


web app design will cost approximately $7,000 but may also reach upwards of $20,000These type of projects may involve a build from the ground up with emphasis placed upon user interface and user experience (UI/UX). You will also incur maintenance costs associated with a web app as it is a dynamic project that will require weekly if not daily maintenance or tweaks.

Of course you could ask a family friend or younger relative to create your website or perhaps you might D.I.Y for a fraction of the price. There is a great article on how to do that here. If you or your contact put in the time and effort to develop these hard won skills – more than 10,000 of deliberate practice in this dynamic field – your business website will reap the benefits.

Given that driving sales (51.3%) and growing brand awareness (48.4%) top the list of digital marketing needs for small businesses, most successful owners prefer to leave the web design and digital marketing to those with a proven record of performance. 



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Recurring Costs Associated with a Business Website


Once the website is built and is up and running, you will be keen to get the sales machine going. There are a number of post-launch activities that keep the visitors coming in and the conversions optimized.

The aesthetic elements  of web design is only one of the many important tasks that need to be completed. Most highly-qualified web designers and digital marketers will exert more effort on creating content, growing the conversion rate and all the functions that will expedite your sales funnel.

The most common recurring costs that are associated with your web design are listed below.

  • hosting 
  • SSL certificates 
  • domain name 
  • PPC
  • Landing pages 
  • Content creation
  • Content marketing 
  • Social marketing 
  • Database marketing 


1. Hosting, SSL certificates and domain name


These recurring costs will fall due monthly (hosting), yearly (SSL certificates) and every 24 months (Australian domain names). Staying on-top of these due dates is crucial to protect against website security breaches or outage as the data shows that 88% of clients probably won’t visit your website again after just one bad experience.

Don’t risk an expired SSL certificate, unreliable hosting or losing your domain name to a cyber opportunist. You will reap valuable benefits from a website management subscription that manages the process of keeping your SSL certificate and domain name up to date, and offers over 99.9% hosting up-time. A particularly good web management product will also offer anytime support, cyber protection and disaster recovery.

For a beginners guide to SSL certificates you should check out this page.

The average cost of website management for your small to medium business will range from $USD 125 to $ USD 500 per month . 


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2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing  and Landing Pages


PPC is paid advertising is  used by 45% of small business’s . When you use PPC advertising you will only pay for impressions – each time your ad is displayed via the Google search or social network – and someone clicks on your ad. 

Many small business users still report that they are not getting the results that they had hoped for. If you create a PPC ad that is not converting – people are not signing up or no one is taking up your offer – a few conversion optimization tweaks should be made.

A key conversion optimization strategy you should leverage for PPC ads is to align them with your landing page design. Once you or your digital marketing agency have composed a compelling ad, avoid the dreaded bounce back by using a landing page that prominently reinforces your PPC offer using similar images, language and style.

The average small to medium business spends  $USD 9,000 to $ USD 10,000 per month on PPC advertising. You might also be interested to learn that the average small to medium business spends $ USD 75 to $ USD 3,000 per month on landing pages  (including the platform and design costs).



reiid Digital Marketing Agency website cost landing pages lead generation


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3. Content is Still King


Content first design, this is the calling card of an excellent web designer and digital marketer. You know you’re working with a digital marketing professional if they take a content first approach to web design and marketing. This means careful consideration and execution is undertaken to create multi-media content including everything from the about us section to an extensive informational blog and explainer videos.

The data tells us that 70-80% of consumers conduct online research of a small business before dropping into a store or making a purchase from them. When you consider that an overwhelming majority will scour your website before making a decision to make a purchase, it is clear that your content must convincingly convey the value that you offer and persuade the visitor to take up your offer or to make a purchase.

The average small to medium size business spends $USD 2,000 to $10,000 per month on custom content for their website. This spend will encompass multimedia content including long-form articles, photos, infographics, explainer videos and blog posts.


4. Marketing: content and social media


You might be interested to learn that marketers who make content creation a priority are over 10 times more likely to get a positive return on investment (ROI). Also, 93% more business bloggers are using promotional strategies – such as paid advertising – to drive traffic to market their content. 

The social media marketing statistics are just as persuasive, with over 95% of business blogs using social media to promote and boost their posts.


The True Cost of a Successful Business Website


The cost of a successful small to medium business website is not an unknowable, secret number. It is however an amount that is made up of several recurring – usually monthly – costs that make the difference between a mere web presence or a dynamic website that functions as your most dedicated and capable sales person.

Using the lower end of the average cost ranges discussed above, the cost of designing and maintaining a successful website would be $4,500 for the website and landing page set-up + recurring monthly costs of $ 11,200 to generate leads and sales. These costs can be calculated as follows:


Fixed cost

  • $ 4,000 for a professionally designed website. This amount is usually paid as 50% to start the process, followed by another 25% progress payment and the final 25% on completion.

  • $ 500 for a persuasive landing page that aligns with your PPC advertising.


Recurring cost 

  • $ 125 per month for website management. This cost usually includes hosting, SSL, domain name renewal, website backup and security updates.

  • $ 9,000 per month for PPC advertising. This cost would be distributed as 30% management fee and 70% advertising cost ( $ 2,700 management fee + $ 6,300 advertising fee per month).

  • $ 75 per month for each landing page. There is usually an average $500 upfront landing page design cost and the more successful businesses will have over 30 landing pages.

  • $ 2000 per month for content creation and marketing. You will get the most bang for your buck by committing $1,600 to the content creation and $ 400 toward the content marketing per month.


These numbers can be scary for most small and medium size business owners. The average web designer or digital marketing professional may be hesitant or even evasive when you ask them how much a website costs. They do not want to scare you off or discourage you from taking the necessary steps to build a profitable business.


How can You Find a Digital Marketing Professional with Affordable Prices and Outstanding Results?


Spending over $130,000 per year (or over $10K per month) on a website and digital marketing is not something that many businesses can afford. However, we know that since your customers and competitors are both doing more transactions online, you should be there too. But not only should you be there, you should be consistently reminding your customers about your online presence and give them great reasons to buy from you instead of your competitors. 

There are many great digital marketing agencies that can be easily located via a quick Google search, including our result focused website design and digital marketing services. At reiid Digital Marketing Agency we can provide expertly designed websites and digital marketing that will generate high quality leads and grow your sales – we will back it up with weekly reporting. 

Here is an example of a how much a lead generating website design service will cost via reiid including the crucial digital marketing services professional bundle


  • Professional website $1998 once off design fee
  • Premium managed web $149 per month
  • Landing page optimized for conversion $499 once off design fee
  • Hyper local digital marketing bundle includes SEO, reputation management, Google ads $1680 per month
  • Local social media marketing $499 per month
  • Content marketing $849 per month

Using the above figures for a professional website design and digital marketing bundle the cost is $3,177 per month + one off payments for the website and landing page design of $2497. This is an affordable and worthwhile spend for a small to medium size business who is determined to generate leads and grow their sales. 

If you have a start-up business or are looking to test out the digital business world, you might like to opt for the bite sized digital bundle for $ 2,664 per month and one off design cost of $ 1497 for a website and lead generating landing page.

  • Basic website $998 once off design fee
  • Premium managed web $59 per month
  • Landing page optimized for conversion $499 once off design fee
  • Local digital marketing bundle includes SEO, reputation management, Google ads $1257 per month
  • Local social media marketing $499 per month
  • Content marketing $849 per month




A website is the shell and digital marketing is the engine.


How much does a website design cost is a straightforward question if you are simply looking for a digital business card. But if you are looking for a dynamic piece of digital real estate that draws in clients like a magnet and, sparks consistent leads that grow your sales? The cost of website design includes both the cost of creating the web page and the digital marketing that makes the sales machine run. 


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